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What Do We Do?

We do Everything from scratch!

We're a bakery that believes in making everything ourselves. Everything we can we make in-house using real, quality ingredients!

Custom Orders and Decorated Cakes

Do you need...basically anything? We do it!
We offer anything as a custom order, even for same-day if feasible.

For birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, quinceaneras and other special occasions, we offer cakes decorated to suit any design or taste.

We have tremendous pride in making cakes that don't just look fantastic, but they taste just as good as they look!

We also offer
Specialty decorated cookies, cake pops, cakecicles, macarons and cupcakes. We can add pictures and logos to cakes, cookies, cupcakes and more!

We utilize 3D Printing to make our cookie and fondant cutters in any shape or size, and we can deliver a custom cutter same-day!

We Deal with Limited Diets

We also specialize in gluten free, dairy free, keto and more dietary issues. This dragon cake was gluten-free chocolate! No matter the restriction, we can probably make it work, and we often have gluten-free items available daily!

(Regretfully we must decline orders with peanut butter allergies, due to their severely sensitive nature.)

Roasted On-Site Beans

We bring in green beans and roast and serve them fresh for quality! Our beans are available for purchase on pre-order.