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Our Philosophy

The premise

Food should be good.

This seems an altogether too obvious statement, but the staggering fact remains that most of the food we eat and things we drink have:

  1. Preservatives
  2. Fake flavors
  3. Processed ingredients
  4. Imitation ingredients
  5. Added colors
  6. (And, Most Sinister of all) Cynicism

Point being, there is a distinct lack of


in our food and drink.

Here, we believe in a few basic precepts:

  • Good is Real
  • Good things take time
  • It's not worth doing unless it's done well
  • (and)
  • We all need more coffee.

(In no specific order)

We strive for the highest quality we can attain in everything we do, and are always looking for tweaks and improvements to make thing just That little bit better, every time.

So we make everything from scratch using:

  • Real Vanilla
  • Real Butter
  • Farm-fresh Eggs
  • Dutch cocoa
  • Genuine molasses
  • Real flavors, extracts + emulsions
  • High-quality green coffee beans

We believe in making "sweet" not "sugary" and balancing with other flavors.

We also believe in making sure everyone has options, and offer a wide variety of dietary-restriction options, specializing in gluten-free baking and also (since the head baker has to be, so we'd better) keto. Seriously, we have so many sugar-free syrup options for a reason!

So order today!