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What is Baked + Brewed?
Completely from-scratch baked goods.

No preservatives, no artificial ingredients, no filler

We make everything in-house with real ingredients

Roasted-on-Site Beans

We bring in green beans and roast and serve them fresh for quality! We’re proud to be the only place in Sulphur Springs to roast beans on site!

Professionally Decorated Cakes

For birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and other special occasions, we offer cakes decorated to suit any design or taste.

Options for All
We know how important it can be to work around dietary restrictions

The owner/head baker is keto - so we aim to provide something for every single person. What does this mean for you? We provide a range of milk alternatives, all completely FREE, including oatmilk we make in-house! We offer daily gluten-free options and we also bake for any allergy or diet.